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    Search Tips

          AdultSights™ has worked harder so you don't have to. We now employ a sophisticated search engine that enables you to find the Sights you want. By employing some of the search tips outlined below, you will take an even greater control in you search.

         Simple queries allow you to enter simple, comma-delimited strings and use wildcard characters. By default, a simple query searches for words, not strings. For example, entering the word "Sex" will find documents containing the word "Sex" but not "Sexy". You can use wildcards, however to broaden the scope of the search. "Sex*" will return documents containing both "Sex" and "Sexy". Case is ignored.

         You can enter multiple words separated by commas: Amateurs, Celebrities, Breasts. The comma in a simple query expression is treated like a logical OR. If you omit the commas, the query expression is treated as a phrase, so documents would be searched for the phrase "Amateurs, Celebrities, Breasts".

         You can use the AND, OR, and NOT operators in a simple query: Amateurs AND (Celebrities OR Breasts). To include an operator in a search, you surround it with double quotation marks: Amateur "and" Celebrities. This expression searches for the phrase "Amateur and Celebrities".

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