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  • Adult Sights VIP

          Welcome to the Favorites page, We have added this new feature to improve the overall user experience for our members. AdultSights is always seeking new ways to improve it's service.

          To Create your own Favorites list, you will need a browser that supports Cookies. Cookies are simple little text files browsers use to store harmless data like user preferences, Website addresses, etc.

          Creating and updating your Favorites list is very easy. Once you have located some AdultSights that you want to visit again, simply check the check box next to the Sight name (on a search results page) and click the button called "Favorites." You are done! Now eveytime you visit the Favorites page, your list will be displayed. To remove Sights from your list, just uncheck those you want to remove and click on the update button (on the Favorites page). WebTV users, see below for alternate instructions.

          If you try this and do not get your list diplayed, you either have your browser set to not accept cookies or your browser is fairly old. Upgrading to Netscape or Internet Explorere 4.x will solve the problem.

    WebTV users who want to delete their Favorites list are unable to use the Delete button. This is due to an incompatability with the WebTV system. Solution: Uncheck all your favorites and click update. This will in effect accomplish the same as clicking delete.

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